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Pride in Health + Wellbeing is a national membership program that provides year-round personalised support to organisations within the Health, Wellbeing and Humans services sector to improve their LGBTQ inclusion in the services they provide and within their workforce. By making more services LGBTQ inclusive we will remove systematic barriers to accessing care and thereby reduce health disparities faced by LGBTQ communities.

Australian LGBTQ communities and individuals are extremely diverse and face a number of shared and distinct health and social inclusion issues. We also know that when LGBTQ individuals require access to health, wellbeing and human services, they often hit access roadblocks, refrain from using critical services, practice care avoidance behaviours, and as a result, experience poorer health and wellbeing outcomes than their non-LGBTQ peers.

The program provides 1:1 mentorship, training and advice on embedding LGBTQ inclusion throughout all aspects of your organisation; from direct care provision, policy and processes design, workforce and recruitment inclusion, quality improvement planning, advocacy, as well as personalised staff development and training.

The program is suitable for all organisations in the health, welfare or human services sector, from government, peak bodies, NGOs and direct care providers. PIHW will assist you in ensuring your organisation is inclusive of LGBTQ people, embedding it in all your public-facing work and making LGBTQ health and wellbeing a priority.

Use our free LGBTQ inclusion self-audit tool based on our annual sector benchmark submissions- the Heath + Wellbeing Equality Index

Let’s Check out the Health of our LGBTQ Inclusion

Member – Only Resources

Marketing and Communications

Intake and Assessment

Confidentiality and Data Management

LGBTQ Consultation and Engagement

Staff Development

Referrals and Stakeholder Engagement

Risk Mitigation and Management

Continuous Improvement

Benchmarking your Inclusion

The Health + Wellbeing Equity Index (HWEI) is a free annual benchmarking tool for all health and human services organisations

Benefits include:

  • Free submission
  • Don’t have to be a PIHW member to participate
  • Baseline your LGBTQ inclusion
  • Quantitatively measure your growth year-on-year
  • Includes optional staff and/or service user surveys
  • 360 Degree feedback
  • Each year results are anonymously compared within your sector
  • Free report on your results.

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LGBTQ+ Ally Award

This nomination recognises the outstanding contribution of an individual within your organisation who does not personally identify as LGBTQ+, but who has made a significant contribution to LGBTQ+ inclusion for staff and service users within your organisation and across the health, wellbeing and human services sector.

PIHW Nomination Ally

LGBTQ+ Inclusive Innovation Award

This nomination celebrates the innovation we see in LGBTQ+ inclusion initiatives across the sector.

Due to the wide variety of services and organisational size, innovation is often required to ensure LGBTQ+ inclusion is appropriate to the industry, region, and client cohort.

PIHW award Nomination - Innovation

Getting Better

A free quick start guide to LGBTQ inclusive service delivery