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Member Benefits

What Does Pride in Health + Wellbeing Membership Provide?

Membership to the Pride in Health + Wellbeing Program provides you with:

  • A partner to work with throughout the year that will focus on increasing the LGBTQ inclusivity of your practice and service provision while providing you with the ability to attend networking and educational events nationally
  • Access to LGBTQ Health data and expertise via the Pride in Health + Wellbeing Team, other Pride in Health + Wellbeing members as well as the broader teams within ACON Health
  • The ability to call on subject matter experts for advice
  • The ability to enrol staff in free training every three months online (accessed via desktops, smartphones, tablets) in addition to 2 hours of customised training annually, either face to face or online.
  • Access to publications, resources, best practice round tables and networking events are all designed to increase your understanding and build your network of LGBTQ-inclusive service providers
  • Significant discounts to our Awards luncheon, conference, community events and additional training and consulting beyond membership allocation
  • Ability to participate in the ongoing development of a membership referral program.
  • A complete listing of member benefits

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Why Should We Become a Member?

Have a look at the Business Case for why membership is important or view our infographics that outline many of the barriers to accessing care and health disparities still experienced by the LGBTQ population

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LGBTQ Healthcare Infographics

Fee For Service and Add-On Rates

Our Program is completely flexible to meet your needs. If you require additional support, training or visits to multiple sites we can do. If they aren’t covered by your membership hours we can add them on. Standard membership already comes with 6 hours of face-to-face consultation included, plus an HWEI debrief session.

2$1,925 ($963 p/h)$900 ($450 p/h)
4$2,650 ($663 p/h)$1596 ($399 p/h)
6$3,220 ($637 p/h)$2100 ($350 p/h)
8$3,695 ($462 p/h)$2392 ($299 p/h)
10$4,250 ($425 p/h)$2750 ($275 p/h)
HWEI Debrief$3,350included in membership

*These rates are exclusive of GST and do not include any travel costs associated with interstate travel.

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