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navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
8 tips to look after your respiritory  health for Trans and non binary people who bind their chest image of a trans flag
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
trans and non binary peopl who bind their chest are at much higher risk of complications from covid-19. if you have asthma or respirtory illness, thie is particularly important.
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
comic of person coughing.
once you take your binder off, be sure to cough. This helps to loosen your upper body expands you lungs to their full capacity and stretches the muscles between your ribs

navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
coughing can increase musculoskeletal soreness. When youcough repeatedly under compression your muscles can become tight and sore. Rememebr to stretch your upper body frequently to reduce the risk of straining your back and/or neck or cracking a rib,.
Images of a stick figure stretching
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
If you have a cough, the medical recommendations is to avoid binding, as it can lead to a fluid build-up in the lungs. Pneunomia is a complication associated with COVID_19 and respiratory illness can be exacerbated by chest constriction,
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
cartoon of brown trans person in front of trans flag
it is recommended to avoid bingin if you are sicl/ If this does not feel possible for you, consider if you have worn-in brinfers that could be worn sparingly, or tight singlets or shirts to wear under clothes.
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
If youhave been coughting for a hwwile your muscles may be tired and injury can be more likely. If you need to have a big cough try to keep your spine straight and face forwards to mnimise injury. Avoid twisting as you could cause injury. images of stratight and twisted spine
navigating COVID0-19 and Chest Binding
where possible give yourself a total break from your binder. If you have to be out in the world consider finding a bathroom stall where you can take off yourbinder and do some deep breathing.
cartoon of person belly breathing.

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