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HWEI Survey

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Optional HWEI Employee and Client Surveys

All members of Pride in Health +Wellbeing and those participating in the HWEI (regardless of membership) will be able to participate in the optional HWEI 2021 staff survey and/or HWEI 2021 client survey.  As a result of participating, service providers will receive high-level analysis of your organisational responses from a staff or client perspective (individuals are not identified, only the name of the organisation participating), however, you can choose to participate in both, one or neither survey depending on your individual preferences.

To participate in either survey or both, you will need to request a unique URL. While you may request your unique URL at any time, these will not be sent out before November 2020.  Once you have received your unique URL, the survey will be immediately available for distribution along with some sample communications that you can utilise/edit.

Client Surveys

Client surveys will need to be available to clients in a way that maintains their anonymity and does not risk inadvertent disclosure. A unique URL for your organisation will be sent to you which can be shared with all clients/service users/residents. Alternatively, you may wish to facilitate electronic submission of the survey with your clients through the use of tablets, smartphones, a dedicated device somewhere central etc.

A final option for printing and distributing hard copy surveys is also available, should you wish to mail out the survey to all your clients. Collection of these hard-copy surveys can be thought an anonymous lockbox within your service, or through a reply paid postage option back to PIHW – please discuss with us how you plan to distribute and collect survey responses from your clients.

PIHW will have a poster template to promote and provide some answers about the survey for your clients. Feel free to ask us for a copy of this when you request your unique URL. Please contact us on hwei@prideinhealth.com.au

requesting to participate in one or more surveys

To participate in one or both surveys please fill in the survey request form found here.

The Survey URL(s) will be sent out from 1 November 2020. 

Surveys will close on Friday 12th March 2021.

A preview draft of the surveys (no responses collected) will be available here toward the end of 2020.

Release of surveys to staff or clients

The surveys will be available online and in print form 1 November through to the closing date of 12th March. Organisations and services can choose to share the survey with clients and staff at any time during this period, or for the whole period. We have deliberately made the open period longer so that you can choose to have a targeted campaign, a long slow collection, and to work around your existing priorities throughout this period.