2024 HWEI Employee Survey- Registration - Pride in Health + Wellbeing

2024 HWEI Employee Survey- Registration

Please complete the form below to request your organisation’s unique link to the 2024 HWEI Survey.

At the beginning of August, after completing the form, we will provide you with:

  1. A PDF of the full survey for your organisation’s review
  2. Communications toolkit that you can tailor for your needs
  3. Research Data Security policy
  4. Data cleansing process

NOTE: This request does not bind you in any way to participate: If you choose not to participate after reading the documentation you are free to withdraw at any time, please just let us know.

Your organisation’s unique URL will be provided to you 1 week prior to the survey opening.

The 2024 survey will be open from Monday 9th October 2023 to Monday 5th February 2024

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If you are having any difficulties with seeing the form below, please follow this link to complete your expression of interest

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on HWEI@acon.org.au