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LGBTI Specialisation Verification – Aged Care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has recommended that provider specialisation claims (including LGBTQ specialisation) are reviewed to improve the reliability of the My Aged Care service listing.

From 27 June 2022 applications have opened for verification of these specialisations via AHA. Apply via My Aged Care Services and Support Portal.

How can we verify our LGBTQ specialisation?

There are several ways you can provide evidence of your LGBTQ specialisation including:

  • Having an internal champion/ally network
  • An established connection with a local LGBTQ Community organisation (such as ACON)
  • 90% of staff trained in LGBTQ inclusion annually
  • An active and resourced LGBTQ Advisory Group
  • Celebration of LGBTQ events locally
  • Policies/procedures specifically promoting LGBTQ inclusive aged care service delivery
  • Public commitment to LGBTQ inclusion
  • Feedback from your LGBTQ service users that they have received appropriate care.

We can help you in evidencing your work for verification by AHA. Ask us how!

For further information on the My Aged Care Specialisation Verification Framework visit the framework website.

Please note: While the framework uses LGBTI Specialisation, we have used “LGBTQ” throughout to remain consistent with the language that ACON uses.

For more information on how ACON supports Intersex Communities and ACON’s signing of the Darlington Statement visit here: