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Pan Day of Visibility Panel – Panoramic Views

Did you miss our conversation for Pan Day of Visiblity on 24 May?

Pansexual Awareness & Visibility Day is celebrated each year on May 24th to increase the visibility of pansexual identities within the LGBTQ+ community, and to combat stigma and prejudice towards pansexual and panromantic people. This is important to achieve diversity and inclusivity throughout workplaces, service delivery and to improve the health and wellbeing of pansexual communities.

Pansexuality is being attracted to people regardless of gender identity, which falls within the bisexual+ umbrella. Bisexuality refers to attraction to your own gender as well as other genders, while pansexuality means gender isn’t a factor in your attractions.

Although Bi+ people make up the largest population within the LGBTQ+ community, they are less likely than gay/lesbian employees to be out at work according to the AWEI Survey Report (2020). The Private Lives 3 report (2020) also found that pansexual people scored the highest amongst LGBTQ+ populations for psychological distress and reported poorer health outcomes across all measures compared with gay/lesbian participants.

Join Penny (she/her) from Pride in Health and Wellbeing and Ellie (she/they) from Pride in Diversity to uplift the lived experience of pansexual and bi+ people, the impacts on workplace and service user experience and what organisations and allies alike, can do to support them.

Catch up here by watching the video (below)